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As each Probate instruction differs in terms of work required and outlay arising, it is first necessary to take instructions and we will then be in a position to provide an estimate of fees. Generally, our fees range between €4500.00 and €6000.00 which would cover the reading of the Will to the vesting of assets in the beneficiaries. The services included in a standard Probate are outlined below:

  • Obtain initial instructions and thereafter consultation and legal direction on how to proceed.

  • Collating of all documentation and information required by the Probate Office.

  • Dealing with all taxation issues.

  • Establishing Will Trusts and registering same with Revenue (if applicable)

  • Respond to any queries raised by the Probate Office.

  • We obtain the correct Grant as expeditiously as possible.

  • We vest the assets of the Estate in the beneficiaries.

  • We direct the Personal Representative (s) and ensure that they carry out their duties in compliance with the Succession Act 1965.

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