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Edward Healy Solicitors


According to the Solicitors Remuneration General Orders, 1884 - 1986 solicitors’ fees are calculated having regarded:


(a) the complexity, importance, difficulty, rarity or urgency of the questions raised;

(b) where money or property is involved, its amount or value;

(c) the importance of the matter to the client;

(d) the skill, labour, and the responsibility involved therein and any specialised knowledge given or applied on the part of the solicitor;

(e) the number and importance of any documents perused;

(f) the place where and the circumstances in which the business or any part thereof is transacted; and

(g) the time reasonably expended thereon.

Our firm is passionate about transparency. It is our practice to provide an estimate of fees following the initial consultation on a no obligation basis.

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