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Enduring Power Of Attorney

Enduring Power of Attorney

An Enduring Power of Attorney (EPA) is a document that vests authority or control to certain named person(s) (Attorney(s)), usually family members, over the assets and property of the Donor and gives the Attorney/Attorneys authority to make certain decisions on behalf of the Donor particularly in relation to personal care, in the event of the Donor developing mental incapacity.

Please complete and submit the EPA Questionnaire Form and we will contact you to complete and execute your Enduring Power of Attorney*

*Please refer to notes at bottom of page before completing the Questionnaire.


  • The Donor is the individual who is making the EPA, and who appoints the Attorney (s) in the event that he or she loses his or her mental capability.
  • The Attorney (s) are the individuals that the Donor appoints to care for him or her in the event of mental incapacity. The Attorney (s) can be one or more individuals and are usually family members.
  • Once executed the Donor must notify at least two individuals that he or she has entered into an EPA. Again, the Notice Parties are usually family members or close friends. If the Donor is living with his or her spouse and that spouse has not been appointed an Attorney then the spouse must be a Notice Party.

Our fee for an Enduring Power of Attorney is €500.00

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